The United Kingdom is no doubt home to many of the world’s phenomenal art galleries and museums rich in the collections and memoirs of ancient history. If you really want to have a perfect insight into history and art collections of the world from centuries gone by, then a visit to one of the following museums will be an awesome idea. So we take a look at some of the most prolific Museums and Art galleries yet.

1. National History Museum

This Museum is not short of anything you would like to see in a National Museum. Situated within its central part is a famous exhibit, a replica of Diplodocus carneggi which is 32 metres long. This rich museum also holds remains of a northern bottlenose whale popularly called “River Thames whale” while the Darwin centre houses an 8 metres long huge squid known as Archie. With well documented 70,0000 species in the collection of the museum, the National History Museum is surely a destination to relish in the UK.

2. Victoria and Albert Museum

Holding a huge chunk of the United Kingdom’s national collections and with over 2.3 million other objects, spanning more than 5000 years of man’s creativity in arts, the Victoria and Albert Museum has been designated the leading museum of design and art in in the world. Major collections in this museum cut across photography, furniture, fashion, architecture, textiles, jewellery, painting, Asian designs as well as resources for theatre and performance.

3. The British Museum

The British Museum is another fantastic place for tourists, students and history enthusiasts alike. The museum, which was founded as far back as 1753 is the world’s first national public museum. Due to its efforts in minimizing carbon footprint, the British museum was honoured with the Carbon Trust Standard award in 2009. Its amazing collections has allowed an exponential rise in visitors from about 5,000 yearly in the 18th century to approximately 6 million annually in present day

4. National Gallery

Located in Trafalgar Square, Central London, and established in 1824, The National gallery is home to a good number of art work and has over 2,300 collections of paintings which can be traced to as far back as the mid-13th century. Its rich collections have made it one of the most visited museum of art in the world. Access to its main collections is free and this has tremendously increased its visitors in recent times.

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